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Thoughts on NFL schedule

April 19, 2012

Thoughts on the 2012 NFL schedule


Hello World,

This blog will primarily be about sports, and I will focus more on the National Football League. Although, I will focus nationally, I will also focus on the local sports teams of San Diego. Today, I will discuss the release of the NFL schedule. Some people will be asking, “Dude, you are so late!,” And, I know I am one day late. But, no need to worry. I will be giving the details of  all the prime time games, this upcoming season in the National Football League.

So here is a list of all the prime time games being played on Monday Night Football, and the National Football League network presenting games on Thursday night, and a few games played outside of the normal Thursday Night games. These games will be played in the upcoming 2012 season of the National Football League.

The two teams playing during the season opener are the Dallas Cowboys versus the New York Giants (Reigning Super Bowl Champions), which will be played at New York(actual location is New Jersey), and will be played Wednesday night. It was originally going to be played on Thursday night, however the National Football League decided to move the schedule date back to Wednesday, since the President of the United States of America will be giving a speech on Thursday night. I predict that the Dallas Cowboys will surprise everyone, and beat the freshly Super Bowl Champions New York Giants, and silence the fans in New York.

On Sunday night, the Denver Broncos will be traveling to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It will be an anticipated game, since it will be Peyton Mannings (arguably the best Quarterback to ever play football), debut with his new team the Denver Broncos. I expect Peyton to pull off a victory, and make his former team (Indianapolis Colts)  realize the biggest mistake they made by releasing him.

The Baltimore Ravens will be hosting the Cincinnati Bengals as the first Monday Night Football game being  played in the 2012 season, followed by a double header, where the San Diego “Super” Chargers, travel to the Black Hole of the Oakland Raiders! Both games are divisional games, where I expect the Baltimore Ravens to defend home turf, and have the San Diego Chargers steal a close game in Oakland.

And the game of the week will start a lot sooner in the week then usually. It will be the two historic rival franchises playing each other. none other than the Chicago Bears traveling to play the Green Bay Packers, at the historic cite of Lambeau Field. The Packers are having all the confidence in the world for coming off a 15-1 season, and having beaten the bears for 3 straight years. But, not so fast. The Chicago Bears have finally started to give Jay Cutler the big time receiver he has been begging management to bring him. Where they reunited him with his former teammate in Brandon Marshall (expect a big night from this duo), and bringing in the best back up running back in the league. I expect the Chicago Bears to torch the Green Bay Packers, and just blow them out, in front of a shocked Green Bay Packers team, and fans.

I have only mention less than two weeks of the National Football League schedule, but I will finish the rest of the schedule in a couple of days.

-Mansoor Paghmani

Signing Off