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Lets make predictions!

June 6, 2012

Hello NFL Lovers,

Recently in the NFL there are no major news stories. The only thing to look forward to at this point in football is for  Week 1 of  the NFL to start. So I decided to go over all eight divisions in the National Football League, and make predictions for the division winners.

So lets take a look at the AFC West Division. This division is pretty interesting. Because, it has three very talented quarterbacks in the division. Former four time NFL MVP is the best in the division. Followed by Phillip Rivers of the Chargers, and then Carson Palmer of the Raiders. Some say Carson Palmer is past his prime, but I think he will surprise a lot of people in the league. The Kansas City Chiefs are a young, and dangerous team. But, without a start quarterback they will go no where. The Kansas City Chiefs will finish no better than fourth, especially since they have to rely on Matt Cassel. They will finish the season with a 6-10 record. The Oakland Raiders will be a surprise team, but firing head coach Hue Jackson was a mistake. They finish the season at 8-8. The San Diego Chargers will have a comeback season. Expect Phillip Rivers to have a MVP type of season, and help lead the Chargers to a 9-7 record, and just miss the playoffs. The Chargers will have to clean house(removing general manager A.J. Smith, and Norv Turner from the head coaching position). The Denver Broncos will win their division, led by four time MVP Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning will get the Broncos deep into the playoffs. The Broncos will finish the season with a 11-5 record.

Moving on to the AFC East Division. The Miami Dolphins will continue their struggle. The Dolphins will finish the season at 4-12, and finish last in the division. The New York Jets will continue their decline, early in the season. The season will lead the Jets to some controversy, since the Jets will replace starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, in favor of Tim Tebow. The move will not help the Jets season much, since they will miss the playoffs for the second consecutive season. The Buffalo Bills will shock the NFL. The teams offense will have a top-15 season, while the defense will play like a top 10 defense, thanks to the addition of defensive end, Mario Williams. The Bills will enter the playoffs with a 10-6 record. The New England Patriots will continue their dominance. They will win the division, and end the season with a 12-4 record.

The AFC North is the toughest division in football. The Cleveland Browns will continue to be awful. They will finish the season as a 3-13 football team. The Cincinnati Bengals surprise the football world last season. But, Andy Dalton will go through the sophmore slump. They will miss the playoffs barely, with a 9-7 record.  The Pittsburgh Steelers will finish second in the division, with an impressive 11-5 record. The Baltimore Ravens will be the best football team in the AFC conference. The Ravens will finish the season at a 13-3 record.

The AFC South will showcase the number one pick of the 2012 NFL Draft. Andrew Luck will see the difficulty of the National Football League. Andrew Luck will lead the Colts to a four win season, and finish dead last in the division. The Jacksonville Jaguars will have a very impressive defense. But, the offense will make strides. The Jaguars will finish the season at 6-10. The Tennessee Titans will play great football, but will finish the season at 8-8. Look for the Titans to start Jake Locker toward the end of the season. The Houston Texans will be a dangerous team. They will finish the season at a 12-4 record, and be the number two seed in the AFC.

Moving onto the NFC West division. This will be the worst division in football. The Arizona Cardinals will finish the season at 3-13. They will struggle, since they do not have a good quarterback. The St. Louis Rams will improve with head coach Jeff Fisher. They will finish the season at 5-11. The Seattle Seahawks will play really hard, for head coach Pete Carroll. But, they will finish the season at 8-8. The 49ers shocked the football world last season. The 49ers will finish first in the weak NFC West division, with a 10-6 record.

Moving onto the toughest division, the NFC North. This division hosts the best quarterbacks in any division with MVP Aaron Rogers, Matthew Stafford, and Jay Cutler. This will be the most exciting division in football. The Minnesota Vikings will finish the season with a 3-13 record. The Vikings need to bring talent to the defense. They should trade Jared Allen for some draft picks. The Detroit Lions impressed everyone in the league, last season. But, last season was a fluke. The Lions will barely miss the playoffs at a 9-7 record. The Packers are favored to win the division, but I see them as a solid team. The defense will lead them to their doom. They finish with a 11-5 record. The Chicago Bears will be the best team in football. The additions of Brandon Marshall, and the return of Jay Cutler will make the Bears a scary team. They will finish the season with a 13-3 record.

The NFC South has exciting young quarterbacks. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will finish the season at a 5-11 record. The Carolina Panthers will be an exciting team. Cam Newton will lead the Panthers to a 8-8 record, and finish third in the division. The New Orleans Saints will struggle. The Saints went through too much controversy in the off season. Drew Brees will lead the Saints to an 8-8 record. The Atlanta Falcons will win the NFC South. Matt Ryan leads the Falcons to a 11-5 record.

The NFC East will be an exciting division. The Super Bowl winning New York Giants, will have a poor record. Expect the Giants to finish with a 7-9 record. The Washington Redskins will make strides with Robert Griffin III. RG3 will lead them to a 8-8 record. The Philidelphia Eagles will have a great season. They will finish with a 12-4 record, and be the second seed in the NFC conference.

This is the off season. We can make decisions all we want. I may look really intelligent after the season, however I could look really dumb. That is the game with predictions. Post comments, and tell me what teams will be division winners.

signing off

-Mansoor Paghmani



Week 5-Week 7 predictions of Prime time games in NFL

April 26, 2012

All 32 teams of the NFL

Hello World,

Moving onto week 5. The Arizona Cardinals will be traveling to play against the St, Louis Rams. Both play in the same division, the NFC West. The Cardinals are coming off a disappointing season. While the Rams are being led by a new head coach, in Jeff Fisher. Expect the Rams to win a close game at home on Thursday Night.

The San Diego Chargers are traveling east to play against the chaotic franchise in the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Chargers are coming off a down year, as well as their star quarterback Phillip Rivers. But, the Saints are dealing with a mess. The NFL took away two second round NFL draft picks. Suspended head coach Sean Payton for a year, interim head coach Joe Vitt for six game, and their general manger for eight games. Expect the Saints to have a dreadful season. The Chargers will blow this game out on Sunday night.

The Houston Texans will play the New York Jets in New York (technically New Jersey). Expect, Tim Tebow will start his first game of the season. Tim Tebow continues to do the unbelievable. He will lead the Jets to victory in a close game against the Texans on Monday night.

Week 6

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play against the Titans in Tennessee on Thursday night football. The Steelers will win this game in a close game.

The Green Bay Packers will play away from Lambeau stadium, and travel to play against the Houston Texans on Sunday night football. Both teams are coming off playoff appearances. I like the Houston Texans to upset the Green Bay Packers. The X-factor in this game, is the Houston Texans stadium. After all, having a loud crowd will bother Aaron Rodgers in some way.

The Denver Broncos led by 4 time Most Valuable Player Peyton Manning will travel to Qualcomm stadium, and take on division rival, the San Diego “Super” Chargers on Monday Night Football. This game will be very exciting. Because, everyone loves good quarterback play. The showdown between Peyton Manning, and Phillip Rivers. I expect a high scoring game. Peyton Manning has a 1-4 record against Phillip Rivers. Yeah, believe it. I expect both quarterbacks to have a great year, but do not expect a Peyton Manning victory against the Chargers anytime soon. I expect Phillip Rivers and the Chargers to continue to give Peyton Manning problems. Chargers win in a tight game.

Week 7

Seattle Seahawks plays the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park. Look for the San Francisco 49ers to win in a blowout fashion against the Seahawks on Thursday night football.

On Sunday night the Steelers plays their division rival Cincinnati Bengals. I expect the Steelers to win big in this game. Expect the Bengals to miss the playoffs. Because, Andy Dalton will go through the typical sophomore slump.

The Detroit Lions travel on Monday Night Football to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears . This is the game of the week. Two young quarterbacks entering their prime. Matthew Stafford vs. Jay Cutler, and Brandon Marshall vs. Calvin Johnson. These two teams dislike each other, where a fight broke out. This will be an exciting game, where the Bears will have an explosive offense. Look for the bears to dominate this game.

Tomorrow, I will be going over the NFL Draft Live.

Signing off,

-Mansoor Paghmani

Continuing Prime time games in the NFL/ and making predictions

April 20, 2012

All 32 teams of the NFL


Hello World,

Are you ready for some Football!!! Now continuing from the Week two schedule of prime time games.

We have the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night traveling a long distance to the San Francisco 49ers. This will be emotional game. After all, last season the 49ers led by their head coach Jim Harbaugh, came into Detroit and stole a victory. However, he did not leave Detroit, Michigan without creating an enemy in Jim Schwartz. As you can see from this video that this will be quite an emotional game. I expect the 49ers to defend their home turf, and soundly beat the Detroit Lions. Because, I think the Lions will be exhausted from their west coast trip.

Then on Monday Night we have the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos heading to Atlanta taking on the Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Matt Ryan is nearly unbeatable playing in Atlanta. As ESPN reports that he has posted a 25-4 record at the Georgia dome. However, he has never faced Peyton Manning, and he already has one loss at home against the Denver Broncos, thanks to former Bronco Jay Cutler pulling a comeback, and leading the Broncos to victory. Expect the same thing. Peyton Manning will lead the Broncos late in the 4th quarter.

Okay now we can move on to Week three of the NFL.

The G-men New York Giants will be playing at the Carolina Panthers home stadium. This will be quite an exciting game. The young Cam Newton, who has a big arm, and is really athletic versus two time super bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning. Expect a close game, where Eli Manning takes care of business, and pulls off the victory on Thursday Night Football.

Then we have on Sunday Night a rematch of the AFC championship game being played. Where the New England Patriots will travel from Gillette stadium, and play the Baltimore Ravens. Don’t expect the Ravens to lose this game, after all Lee Evans will not be on the Ravens to drop a critical pass. Ravens takes this game at home.

Then we have on Monday Night Football, the Green Bay Packers led by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers taking on his former backup quarterback Matt Flynn and the Seattle Seahawks. Folks, this game will not be close at all. The Green Bay Packers blows out the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, Washington.

Moving on to week four

It will be the Cleveland Browns traveling to their division rival, the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, the Ravens are playing back to back Prime time games. Don’t expect anything new, expect the Browns to lose in a blowout fashion. Ravens takes the game on Thursday night football.

The Giants are traveling to the brotherly love city, where the home team is the Philadelphia Eagles. This is one of the most exciting games being hosted on Sunday Night Football. Two division rivals, going at it. Tony Romo vs. Michael Vick. I expect Michael Vick to have a huge game, where he passes for over three hundred yards, and rushes for over a hundred yards, and score five total touch downs. Michael Vick averaged 286 yards passing and two touchdowns a game, and also swept the Dallas Cowboys (According to ESPN stats).

The game of the week is The Chicago Bears playing the Dallas Cowboys at their 1.2 billion dollar stadium. Expect an explosive offense displayed by the Bears. Jay Cutler with Brandon Marshall will torch the problematic secondary of the Cowboys. Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys will display a fantastic game, and have all football fans talking about it on Tuesday. Chicago Bears wins by a field goal in Dallas.

Signing off

Mansoor Paghmani