New life in Chicago

Jay Cutler is feeling good about his team, after having a great session during OTA’s

Hello World,

Have you been too preoccupied with the NBA playoffs? Just saw the Lakers go down in five games. Witness the San Antonio Spurs start the NBA playoffs with first and second round sweeps over the Utah Jazz, and the LA Clippers. How about National Hockey League? Are you watching the Los Angeles Kings surprise the entire league. By advancing all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals. Well one place can careless about both sports. Heck, they can careless about their two professional baseball teams. The fans of Chicago are just buzzing over the Chicago Bears. Fans of Chicago are just waiting for the football season to start. Media in Chicago are all over the Bears. Local radio sports news station are skipping other sports and just going straight to the Bears. Even ESPN Chicago cannot help themselves from talking about the Bears.

There is just a surreal buzz going on in Bears camp. The Chicago Bears have not received so much coverage over Organized Team Activities, since the 1985 Chicago Bears. The 1985 Bears went on to win the Super Bowl. People in Chicago are expecting nothing less than a Super Bowl. After starting last season with a 7-3 record with quarterback Jay Cutler, people were thinking that the Bears were Super Bowl bound. National media outlets were selecting them as the dark horse to win the Super Bowl. But, after picking up their seventh win of the season, Chicago Bears quarterback breaks his thumb. With that injury the Bears season went down. That injury left the city of Chicago feeling cursed, and it did not help when their Bulls most valuable player Derrick Rose tore his ACL. It just made it worst.

Now the Chicago Bears are feeling confident, as well as the fans of Chicago. Why? Because, the Bears knew they were a great team with Jay Cutler as their starting quarterback. But, the biggest weakness of the Chicago Bears was their wide receiver corps, and their offensive line.  The Bears have fixed it. They made a weakness into a huge strength. With the off season addition of All-Pro 6-5 230 pound wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and the selection of Alshon Jeffery has arguably made the Bears host the best receiving corps in the National Football League. In addition, the signing of running back Michael Bush, has made the Bears have the best running back combo in the league.

Their are skeptics from the Media. Many NFL analyst claim that the Bears are awful on the offensive line. But, Bears management disagrees. New general manager Phil Emery defends the Bears offensive line with four points. The first point Emery argues is the different direction of the offensive philosophy they have among the coaching staff. By firing Mike Martz they have eliminated a lot of deep passes. Jay Cutler has permission to change plays at the scrimmage line, and they have erased many of the complex plays from the playbook. The second point is the addition of Brandon Marshall well create less defensive players in the box. They will be forced to double teams Brandon Marshall at times. He will help spread the field. The third point is that the Bears are getting two former first round picks back to the offensive line. It brings instant talent to the line. The last point is that the Bears “horrible” offensive line had helped the team rush for over two thousand yards. Which is an impressive feat.

People are discussing the topic of which quarterback will have a better year, Jay Cutler, or Peyton Manning. Some analyst from ESPN are expecting Jay Cutler to have a monster year. Which is shocking since many analyst have criticized Jay Cutler, no more than former super bowl winning quarterback, Trent Dilfer. Trent Dilfer said on NFL Live that Jay Cutler is going to have a monster year. Mike Greenberg, and Mike Golic believes that Jay Cutler is going to have an amazing season. Scott Van Pelt was on “Waddle and Silvy,” and he believes that Jay Cutler will have a better year than Peyton Manning. Even the local media in Chicago that has spoken so badly of Jay Cutler, have came around and realized how important he is. Bucky Brooks wrote an article on, and stated that Jay Cutler is the most important player coming back from injury. Read the article at this link.

People are thinking Super Bowl for the Chicago Bears, mainly because of the acquisition of two great receivers in Brandon Marshall, and rookie wide receiver Alshon Jeffery. Because, everyone in Chicago are aware of the great defense it has. They have a top ten defense with stalwarts such as Julius Peppers, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman, and the heart of the defense Brian Urlacher. They also have the best special teams in the National Football League. They have the greatest return man in Devin Hester, and Robbie Gold who is one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history. Now, everyone in Chicago knows that they have a talented offense. This is arguable the most talented team, Lovie Smith has ever had while coaching in Chicago. More talented than the 2006 Bears team that reached the Super Bowl. Their offense consist of Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery, and backup running back Michael Bush.

Brandon Marshall explains the atmosphere in Bears camp as, “I definitely feel the sense of urgency around here, I understand the passion, and that’s the type of fans I want to be around. So hopefully, we give them something to cheer for.”

The Bears are clearly very talented. But, the football world are not completely convinced. Because, they view the Chicago Bears as being just in a tough division. They are in a division where the Green Bay Packers, and Detroit Lions are in. But, I still expect the Bears to win the division, and to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. Skip Bayless believes that the Bears will win their division. The Bears are going bowling this upcoming season. Even Barack Obama is throwing the football around at Soldier Field.

Signing off

-Mansoor Paghmani


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