NFL Draft Live Coverage of the 1st Round (1-16)

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It is April 26, 2012, and tonight is the NFL Draft. The NFL draft starts at 8pm eastern time. The NFL Draft will be completed in a three day span. The first round will take place on Thursday. The second and third round will take place on Friday, and round four through seven will finish on Saturday. Each team are given seven draft choices. The NFL teams can trade some of their draft picks if they chose to do, or even trade future picks.

The Colts have the first overall pick, and they have selected Andrew Luck from Stanford University. He was the number one rated quarter back coming out of college. He received the Maxwell Award (best quarterback in college) in 2011. Even his father was a quarterback in the NFL, so it is assume that Andrew Luck has it in his genes to play quarterback in the NFL. He is also known for his intelligence, after all will finish his bachelor’s degree at STANFORD UNIVERSITY.

Andrew Luck, number one pick of the 2012 NFL draft

The Washington Redskins have the second overall pick, and have selected Robert Griffin III aka, RG3. He shocked the college world, and won the prestigious NCAA Heisman trophy (Known as the best college football player). He was discussed to be potentially the best player in the draft. He has a strong arm(can throw the ball far, and fast), and is incredibly fast. He ran the forty yard dash at a 4.41(super fast, too fast for a quarterback) at the NFL combine. He will have to deal with a lot of pressure, since the Washington Redskins gave up three first round picks, and a second rounder to the St. Louis Rams for the second pick overall. Robert Griffin III is coming out of Baylor University.

The Minnesota traded away their third pick overall to the Cleveland Browns for the fourth pick, a 4th round, and 7th round pick in the NFL draft.

The Cleveland Browns selects Trent Richardson with the third overall pick. He was the best running back in the NFL draft, and has been compared to Adrian Peterson, from a skill standpoint. Trent Richardson is coming out of the University of Alabama.

The Minnesota Vikings selects Offensive tackle Matt Kalil, with the fourth overall pick. He had an impressive NFL combine, and is known for his athleticism. However, there are questions regarding his physical strength. In large part he was drafted in order to protect Minnesota Vikings last years first round pick in Christian Ponder. Matt Kalil is coming out of the University of Southern California.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded away their fifth overall pick, to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Buccaneers will receive Jacksonville’s  seventh pick overall, and a fourth round draft pick.

The Jacksonville Jaguars selects Justin Blackmon with the fifth overall pick. Justin Blackmon is coming out of Oklahoma State University.

The St, Louis Rams traded away their sixth pick overall to the Dallas Cowboys. The Rams will receive the Dallas Cowboys first round, and second round draft pick.

The Dallas Cowboys selects Morris Claiborne with the sixth overall pick. The Cowboys makes an impressive draft trade, and gets arguably the fourth best player in the NFL draft. Morris Claireborne is coming out of Louisiana State University.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects Mark Barron with the seventh pick overall. He was the highest rated Safety in the NFL draft. Mark Barron is coming out of the University of Alabama.

The Miami Dolphins selects Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick. He is only a two year starter as a quarterback in college football. He was  formerly a receiver, but converted to quarterback. Which clearly demonstrates the speed of Ryan Tannehill. He is coming out of  Texas A & M University.

The Carolina Panthers selects Luke Kuechly with the ninth overall pick. He has the most tackles in the history of the NCAA. He is coming out of Boston College. Mel Kiper compares him to Brian Urlacher(top linebacker for the last decade).

The Buffalo Bills selects Stephon Gilmore with the tenth overall pick. The Bills were able to get the second best corner back in the NFL draft. He is a tremendous athlete, with a lot of size (6’0 and a half). He is coming out of the University of South Carolina.

The Kansas City Cheifs selects Dontari Poe with the eleventh overall pick. He has incredible outside, and plays as a defensive tackle. He is coming out of the University of Memphis.

The Philadelphia Eagles trades their fifteenth overall pick, 4th round pick, and 6th round pick to the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks gives up their twelve overall pick.

The Philadelphia Eagles selects Fletcher Cox with the twelve overall pick. Fletcher Cox has top ten talent, and is coming out of Mississippi State University.

The Arizona Cardinals selects Michael Floyd with the thirteenth overall pick. He is a star wide receiver from Notre Dame University. He is the second rated wide receiver in the NFL draft. He is faster, and bigger than the number one rated wide receiver in the NFL Draft (Justin Blackmon). The Arizona Cardinals may have been pressured to draft Michael Floyd, since their team captain publicly wanted the Cardinals to draft Michael Floyd.

The St. Louis Rams selects Michael Brockers with the fourteenth overall pick. He is a defensive tackle that reminds Jeff Fisher of Albert Hanesworth. He is coming out of Louisiana State University.

The Seattle Seahawks selects Bruce Irvin with the fifteenth overall pick. The Seahawks are reaching big time with this pick. There were way better Defensive Ends than Bruce Irvin. They Could have picked the number one rated Defensive End in Melvin Ingram or Quinton Coples. Bruce Irvin is coming out of West Virginia University.

The New York Jets selects Quinton Coples with the sixteenth overall pick. He is often compared the all pro Julius Peppers. He has all the athletic tools, and size in the world. However, the cause for Coples to drop to sixteenth pick is solely for his poor work ethic. Quinton Coples is coming out of the University of North Carolina.


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