Continuing Prime time games in the NFL/ and making predictions

All 32 teams of the NFL


Hello World,

Are you ready for some Football!!! Now continuing from the Week two schedule of prime time games.

We have the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night traveling a long distance to the San Francisco 49ers. This will be emotional game. After all, last season the 49ers led by their head coach Jim Harbaugh, came into Detroit and stole a victory. However, he did not leave Detroit, Michigan without creating an enemy in Jim Schwartz. As you can see from this video that this will be quite an emotional game. I expect the 49ers to defend their home turf, and soundly beat the Detroit Lions. Because, I think the Lions will be exhausted from their west coast trip.

Then on Monday Night we have the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos heading to Atlanta taking on the Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Matt Ryan is nearly unbeatable playing in Atlanta. As ESPN reports that he has posted a 25-4 record at the Georgia dome. However, he has never faced Peyton Manning, and he already has one loss at home against the Denver Broncos, thanks to former Bronco Jay Cutler pulling a comeback, and leading the Broncos to victory. Expect the same thing. Peyton Manning will lead the Broncos late in the 4th quarter.

Okay now we can move on to Week three of the NFL.

The G-men New York Giants will be playing at the Carolina Panthers home stadium. This will be quite an exciting game. The young Cam Newton, who has a big arm, and is really athletic versus two time super bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning. Expect a close game, where Eli Manning takes care of business, and pulls off the victory on Thursday Night Football.

Then we have on Sunday Night a rematch of the AFC championship game being played. Where the New England Patriots will travel from Gillette stadium, and play the Baltimore Ravens. Don’t expect the Ravens to lose this game, after all Lee Evans will not be on the Ravens to drop a critical pass. Ravens takes this game at home.

Then we have on Monday Night Football, the Green Bay Packers led by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers taking on his former backup quarterback Matt Flynn and the Seattle Seahawks. Folks, this game will not be close at all. The Green Bay Packers blows out the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, Washington.

Moving on to week four

It will be the Cleveland Browns traveling to their division rival, the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, the Ravens are playing back to back Prime time games. Don’t expect anything new, expect the Browns to lose in a blowout fashion. Ravens takes the game on Thursday night football.

The Giants are traveling to the brotherly love city, where the home team is the Philadelphia Eagles. This is one of the most exciting games being hosted on Sunday Night Football. Two division rivals, going at it. Tony Romo vs. Michael Vick. I expect Michael Vick to have a huge game, where he passes for over three hundred yards, and rushes for over a hundred yards, and score five total touch downs. Michael Vick averaged 286 yards passing and two touchdowns a game, and also swept the Dallas Cowboys (According to ESPN stats).

The game of the week is The Chicago Bears playing the Dallas Cowboys at their 1.2 billion dollar stadium. Expect an explosive offense displayed by the Bears. Jay Cutler with Brandon Marshall will torch the problematic secondary of the Cowboys. Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys will display a fantastic game, and have all football fans talking about it on Tuesday. Chicago Bears wins by a field goal in Dallas.

Signing off

Mansoor Paghmani


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