Hello world!




Hello World,

You are probably wondering how you browsed upon this web blog. Well, I’ll tell you. You came across this blog, because of the awesome blog name. Did you forget the blog name already? Let me refresh your mind. The blog name is What Can We Discuss. Yes, that’s the name. It is such an interesting name, because it keeps you asking the same question over, and over again. What can we discuss? I have the perfect topic we can discuss. The topic is…Football! What kind of football? Will I blog about pee wee football, ah no. How about high school? No. Maybe college football? No. Yes, I know. Arena Football….NO. What else but the National Football League. I will be blogging about the National Football League. Why, because it is the most popular sport in the United States of America. How can I make such a claim. Let me backup my statement, with the fact that Monday Night Football was the most watched TV SHOW on network television. The top three shows were in 2011, number one Monday Night Football, followed by American Idol, and in third place Sunday Night Football. Yes, two out of the top three shows were from the result of the National Football League. Clearly, the NFL is beyond interesting.

So now you are asking yourself, “Yeah, the NFL is awesome. But, why should I read this blog, versus bloggers on ESPN, NFL network, and from different prominent sports bloggers?” I have five great reasons to why you need to follow my blog. The number one reason, I have been following the National Football League for over sixteen years. Which indicates that I am a fan of the National Football League. As a fan, you can relate to the blogger. My second reason is that I use to play high school football. Which indicates that I understand the rules of football, and have a background in the sport. The third reason, I am a college student at the University of California San Diego. What does the third reason have to do with anything, nothing at all. I just wanted to mention that I attend the University of California San Diego. My fourth reason is that I live in San Diego, California. Where it is the home of the San Diego Chargers. My fifth reason, whoever loves football should follow this. Why? Because, it will give you a different perspective. You will see a difference between a college students blog, compare to a major corporation run blog. Because, I on one hand have no restrictions. I am able to present the material in raw format. I am not obligated to answer to no one. While bloggers at ESPN are limited to what their employers approve, as well as other larger media outlets. Therefore, with the five reasons I gave, you should follow this blog. And if you really want another reason, remember that the blog name is awesome. What Can We Discuss.


Signing off

-Mansoor Paghmani



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