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NFL Draft Live Coverage of the 1st Round (17-32)

April 27, 2012

Andrew Luck selected as the number one pick of the 2012 NFL draft

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Continuing on to the NFL Draft of the 1st round.

The Cincinnati Bengals selects Dre Kirkpatrick with the seventeenth(acquired  from Oakland in the Carson Palmer trade) overall pick. He is the third rated corner back in the NFL draft. He is coming out of the University of Alabama.

The San Diego Chargers selects Melvin Ingram with the eighteenth overall pick. Melvin Ingram is a top ten talent in the NFL draft playing defensive end. The San Diego Chargers gets an outstanding player in Ingram, and receives a gift by having him fall at eighteenth. Melvin Ingram is coming out of the University of South Carolina.

The Chicago Bears selects Shea McClellin with the nineteenth overall pick. I am surprised with this pick. Because, the Bears had major needs at Defensive End, and at the offensive line. I suppose the Bears wants to start preparing to replace their star  line bakers, or add to it. Fun fact about Shea McClellin is that he helps at his families farm. Shea McClellin is coming out of Boise State University.

The Tennessee Titans selects Kendall Wright with the twentith overall pick. He is an elite talent at wide receiver. Some scouts fears that he may become a failure in the NFL. He is coming out of  Baylor University.

The New England Patriots trades away their first and third round pick to the Cincinnati Bengals and their first round pick. New England moves up six spots with this trade.

The New England Patriots selects Chandler Jones with the twenty-first overall pick. He is one of the top defensive players in the draft. And some analyst claims (Jon Gruden), that he will be the best player in the draft. Chandler Jones brother currently plays defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens. Chandler Jones is coming out of the University of Syracuse.

The Cleveland Browns selects Brandon Weeden with the twenty-second overall pick (pick acquired from Atlanta Falcons). He is a very old quarterback coming out of college at the age of 28 years. He is coming out of Oklahoma State University.

The Detroit Lions selects Riley Reiff with the twenty-third overall pick. He is the number two rated offensive tackle in the NFL draft.  The Lions gotta an absolute steal, since he was rated a top ten talent. He is coming out of the University of Iowa.

The Pittsburgh Steelers selects David Decastro with the twenty-fourth overall pick. He is the best offensive guard in the NFL draft. He is coming out of Stanford University.

The New England Patriots trades their 31st overall pick, and a fourth round pick to the Denver Broncos and their 25th overall pick.

The New England Patriots selects Dont’a Hightower with the twenty-fifth overall pick. He is an outstanding linebacker, and is coming out of the University of Alabama.

The Houston Texans selects Whitney Mercilus with the twenty-sixth overall pick. He led the NCAA with sixteen sacks as a defensive end. He is coming out of the University of Illinois.

The Cincinnati Bengals selects Kevin Zeitler with the twenty-seventh overall pick. He plays on the offensive line at the guard position. He is coming out of the University of Wisconsin.

The Green Bay Packers selects Nick Perry with twenty-eighth overall pick. He is an athletic defensive end coming out of the University of Southern California.

The Minnesota Vikings trades their second and fourth round pick to the Baltimore Ravens. In return they receive Baltimore Ravens twenty-ninth overall pick.

The Minnesota Vikings selects Harrison Smith with the twenty-nine overall pick. He is the number two rated safety in the NFL Draft. He is coming out of Notre Dame University.

The San Francisco 49ers selects A.J. Jenkins with the thirtieth overall pick. He is coming out of the University of Illinois.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers trades their second and fourth round pick to the Denver Broncos, for their 1st round pick (31st overall).

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects Doug Martin with the thirty-first overall pick. He is a running back coming out of Boise State University.

The New York Giants selects David Wilson with thirty-second(last pick from 1st round) overall pick. He is a running back with blazing speed, coming out of Virginia Tech.

It has been an incredible first round. I think New England Patriots are the winner of the first round. Because, they have added pieces to their defense (needs a lot of improving).

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-Mansoor Paghmani


NFL Draft Live Coverage of the 1st Round (1-16)

April 27, 2012

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It is April 26, 2012, and tonight is the NFL Draft. The NFL draft starts at 8pm eastern time. The NFL Draft will be completed in a three day span. The first round will take place on Thursday. The second and third round will take place on Friday, and round four through seven will finish on Saturday. Each team are given seven draft choices. The NFL teams can trade some of their draft picks if they chose to do, or even trade future picks.

The Colts have the first overall pick, and they have selected Andrew Luck from Stanford University. He was the number one rated quarter back coming out of college. He received the Maxwell Award (best quarterback in college) in 2011. Even his father was a quarterback in the NFL, so it is assume that Andrew Luck has it in his genes to play quarterback in the NFL. He is also known for his intelligence, after all will finish his bachelor’s degree at STANFORD UNIVERSITY.

Andrew Luck, number one pick of the 2012 NFL draft

The Washington Redskins have the second overall pick, and have selected Robert Griffin III aka, RG3. He shocked the college world, and won the prestigious NCAA Heisman trophy (Known as the best college football player). He was discussed to be potentially the best player in the draft. He has a strong arm(can throw the ball far, and fast), and is incredibly fast. He ran the forty yard dash at a 4.41(super fast, too fast for a quarterback) at the NFL combine. He will have to deal with a lot of pressure, since the Washington Redskins gave up three first round picks, and a second rounder to the St. Louis Rams for the second pick overall. Robert Griffin III is coming out of Baylor University.

The Minnesota traded away their third pick overall to the Cleveland Browns for the fourth pick, a 4th round, and 7th round pick in the NFL draft.

The Cleveland Browns selects Trent Richardson with the third overall pick. He was the best running back in the NFL draft, and has been compared to Adrian Peterson, from a skill standpoint. Trent Richardson is coming out of the University of Alabama.

The Minnesota Vikings selects Offensive tackle Matt Kalil, with the fourth overall pick. He had an impressive NFL combine, and is known for his athleticism. However, there are questions regarding his physical strength. In large part he was drafted in order to protect Minnesota Vikings last years first round pick in Christian Ponder. Matt Kalil is coming out of the University of Southern California.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have traded away their fifth overall pick, to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Buccaneers will receive Jacksonville’s  seventh pick overall, and a fourth round draft pick.

The Jacksonville Jaguars selects Justin Blackmon with the fifth overall pick. Justin Blackmon is coming out of Oklahoma State University.

The St, Louis Rams traded away their sixth pick overall to the Dallas Cowboys. The Rams will receive the Dallas Cowboys first round, and second round draft pick.

The Dallas Cowboys selects Morris Claiborne with the sixth overall pick. The Cowboys makes an impressive draft trade, and gets arguably the fourth best player in the NFL draft. Morris Claireborne is coming out of Louisiana State University.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers selects Mark Barron with the seventh pick overall. He was the highest rated Safety in the NFL draft. Mark Barron is coming out of the University of Alabama.

The Miami Dolphins selects Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick. He is only a two year starter as a quarterback in college football. He was  formerly a receiver, but converted to quarterback. Which clearly demonstrates the speed of Ryan Tannehill. He is coming out of  Texas A & M University.

The Carolina Panthers selects Luke Kuechly with the ninth overall pick. He has the most tackles in the history of the NCAA. He is coming out of Boston College. Mel Kiper compares him to Brian Urlacher(top linebacker for the last decade).

The Buffalo Bills selects Stephon Gilmore with the tenth overall pick. The Bills were able to get the second best corner back in the NFL draft. He is a tremendous athlete, with a lot of size (6’0 and a half). He is coming out of the University of South Carolina.

The Kansas City Cheifs selects Dontari Poe with the eleventh overall pick. He has incredible outside, and plays as a defensive tackle. He is coming out of the University of Memphis.

The Philadelphia Eagles trades their fifteenth overall pick, 4th round pick, and 6th round pick to the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks gives up their twelve overall pick.

The Philadelphia Eagles selects Fletcher Cox with the twelve overall pick. Fletcher Cox has top ten talent, and is coming out of Mississippi State University.

The Arizona Cardinals selects Michael Floyd with the thirteenth overall pick. He is a star wide receiver from Notre Dame University. He is the second rated wide receiver in the NFL draft. He is faster, and bigger than the number one rated wide receiver in the NFL Draft (Justin Blackmon). The Arizona Cardinals may have been pressured to draft Michael Floyd, since their team captain publicly wanted the Cardinals to draft Michael Floyd.

The St. Louis Rams selects Michael Brockers with the fourteenth overall pick. He is a defensive tackle that reminds Jeff Fisher of Albert Hanesworth. He is coming out of Louisiana State University.

The Seattle Seahawks selects Bruce Irvin with the fifteenth overall pick. The Seahawks are reaching big time with this pick. There were way better Defensive Ends than Bruce Irvin. They Could have picked the number one rated Defensive End in Melvin Ingram or Quinton Coples. Bruce Irvin is coming out of West Virginia University.

The New York Jets selects Quinton Coples with the sixteenth overall pick. He is often compared the all pro Julius Peppers. He has all the athletic tools, and size in the world. However, the cause for Coples to drop to sixteenth pick is solely for his poor work ethic. Quinton Coples is coming out of the University of North Carolina.

Week 5-Week 7 predictions of Prime time games in NFL

April 26, 2012

All 32 teams of the NFL

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Moving onto week 5. The Arizona Cardinals will be traveling to play against the St, Louis Rams. Both play in the same division, the NFC West. The Cardinals are coming off a disappointing season. While the Rams are being led by a new head coach, in Jeff Fisher. Expect the Rams to win a close game at home on Thursday Night.

The San Diego Chargers are traveling east to play against the chaotic franchise in the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. The Chargers are coming off a down year, as well as their star quarterback Phillip Rivers. But, the Saints are dealing with a mess. The NFL took away two second round NFL draft picks. Suspended head coach Sean Payton for a year, interim head coach Joe Vitt for six game, and their general manger for eight games. Expect the Saints to have a dreadful season. The Chargers will blow this game out on Sunday night.

The Houston Texans will play the New York Jets in New York (technically New Jersey). Expect, Tim Tebow will start his first game of the season. Tim Tebow continues to do the unbelievable. He will lead the Jets to victory in a close game against the Texans on Monday night.

Week 6

The Pittsburgh Steelers will play against the Titans in Tennessee on Thursday night football. The Steelers will win this game in a close game.

The Green Bay Packers will play away from Lambeau stadium, and travel to play against the Houston Texans on Sunday night football. Both teams are coming off playoff appearances. I like the Houston Texans to upset the Green Bay Packers. The X-factor in this game, is the Houston Texans stadium. After all, having a loud crowd will bother Aaron Rodgers in some way.

The Denver Broncos led by 4 time Most Valuable Player Peyton Manning will travel to Qualcomm stadium, and take on division rival, the San Diego “Super” Chargers on Monday Night Football. This game will be very exciting. Because, everyone loves good quarterback play. The showdown between Peyton Manning, and Phillip Rivers. I expect a high scoring game. Peyton Manning has a 1-4 record against Phillip Rivers. Yeah, believe it. I expect both quarterbacks to have a great year, but do not expect a Peyton Manning victory against the Chargers anytime soon. I expect Phillip Rivers and the Chargers to continue to give Peyton Manning problems. Chargers win in a tight game.

Week 7

Seattle Seahawks plays the San Francisco 49ers at Candlestick Park. Look for the San Francisco 49ers to win in a blowout fashion against the Seahawks on Thursday night football.

On Sunday night the Steelers plays their division rival Cincinnati Bengals. I expect the Steelers to win big in this game. Expect the Bengals to miss the playoffs. Because, Andy Dalton will go through the typical sophomore slump.

The Detroit Lions travel on Monday Night Football to Soldier Field to take on the Chicago Bears . This is the game of the week. Two young quarterbacks entering their prime. Matthew Stafford vs. Jay Cutler, and Brandon Marshall vs. Calvin Johnson. These two teams dislike each other, where a fight broke out. This will be an exciting game, where the Bears will have an explosive offense. Look for the bears to dominate this game.

Tomorrow, I will be going over the NFL Draft Live.

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-Mansoor Paghmani

NFL Star Player Retires

April 24, 2012


Brian Dawkins while on the Eagles

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Usually, when a star sports star decides to retire. He will schedule a press conference, and announce his retirement. For example, Junior Seau announce his retirement at a press conference. Brett Favre announce his retirement from the Packers (although he came out of retirement), Kurt Warner announce his retirement from the National Football League at a press conference. But, Brian Patrick Dawkins did not schedule a press conference to declare his retirement from the National Football League. He was the first football player to announce his retirement from the NFL, via twitter. Maybe Brian Dawkins was not that great of a football player. However, being selected to nine pro bowls, selected as a 4 time all-pro, part of the National Football League all decades team (00s), and a member of the Philadelphia Eagles 75th Anniversary team. Brian Dawkins spent 16 years in the National Football League. He played thirteen amazing years with the Philadelphia Eagles, and his final three years in the league, he played with the Denver Broncos. He signed with the Denver Broncos, during the failed tenure of Josh McDaniels. McDaniels is viewed as the person who hurt the Denver Broncos with the moves he made, during his tenure. Some of the horrible move, was trading a young 25 year old pro bowl quarterback in Jay Cutler, trading all pro wide receiver Brandon Marshall, and trading Peyton Hillis. However, the one move that better the Denver Broncos was the role he played in acquiring Brian Dawkins.

Brian Dawkins will go down as one the greatest players to ever play in the NFL. He played as a free safety, and at times a strong safety. He had a great career in college at Clemson University, and an amazing career in the National Football League. Enjoy retirement Brian or “Dawk!”

Continuing Prime time games in the NFL/ and making predictions

April 20, 2012

All 32 teams of the NFL


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Are you ready for some Football!!! Now continuing from the Week two schedule of prime time games.

We have the Detroit Lions on Sunday Night traveling a long distance to the San Francisco 49ers. This will be emotional game. After all, last season the 49ers led by their head coach Jim Harbaugh, came into Detroit and stole a victory. However, he did not leave Detroit, Michigan without creating an enemy in Jim Schwartz. As you can see from this video that this will be quite an emotional game. I expect the 49ers to defend their home turf, and soundly beat the Detroit Lions. Because, I think the Lions will be exhausted from their west coast trip.

Then on Monday Night we have the Peyton Manning led Denver Broncos heading to Atlanta taking on the Falcons at the Georgia Dome. Matt Ryan is nearly unbeatable playing in Atlanta. As ESPN reports that he has posted a 25-4 record at the Georgia dome. However, he has never faced Peyton Manning, and he already has one loss at home against the Denver Broncos, thanks to former Bronco Jay Cutler pulling a comeback, and leading the Broncos to victory. Expect the same thing. Peyton Manning will lead the Broncos late in the 4th quarter.

Okay now we can move on to Week three of the NFL.

The G-men New York Giants will be playing at the Carolina Panthers home stadium. This will be quite an exciting game. The young Cam Newton, who has a big arm, and is really athletic versus two time super bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning. Expect a close game, where Eli Manning takes care of business, and pulls off the victory on Thursday Night Football.

Then we have on Sunday Night a rematch of the AFC championship game being played. Where the New England Patriots will travel from Gillette stadium, and play the Baltimore Ravens. Don’t expect the Ravens to lose this game, after all Lee Evans will not be on the Ravens to drop a critical pass. Ravens takes this game at home.

Then we have on Monday Night Football, the Green Bay Packers led by star quarterback Aaron Rodgers taking on his former backup quarterback Matt Flynn and the Seattle Seahawks. Folks, this game will not be close at all. The Green Bay Packers blows out the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle, Washington.

Moving on to week four

It will be the Cleveland Browns traveling to their division rival, the Baltimore Ravens. Yes, the Ravens are playing back to back Prime time games. Don’t expect anything new, expect the Browns to lose in a blowout fashion. Ravens takes the game on Thursday night football.

The Giants are traveling to the brotherly love city, where the home team is the Philadelphia Eagles. This is one of the most exciting games being hosted on Sunday Night Football. Two division rivals, going at it. Tony Romo vs. Michael Vick. I expect Michael Vick to have a huge game, where he passes for over three hundred yards, and rushes for over a hundred yards, and score five total touch downs. Michael Vick averaged 286 yards passing and two touchdowns a game, and also swept the Dallas Cowboys (According to ESPN stats).

The game of the week is The Chicago Bears playing the Dallas Cowboys at their 1.2 billion dollar stadium. Expect an explosive offense displayed by the Bears. Jay Cutler with Brandon Marshall will torch the problematic secondary of the Cowboys. Chicago Bears and the Dallas Cowboys will display a fantastic game, and have all football fans talking about it on Tuesday. Chicago Bears wins by a field goal in Dallas.

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Mansoor Paghmani

Thoughts on NFL schedule

April 19, 2012

Thoughts on the 2012 NFL schedule


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This blog will primarily be about sports, and I will focus more on the National Football League. Although, I will focus nationally, I will also focus on the local sports teams of San Diego. Today, I will discuss the release of the NFL schedule. Some people will be asking, “Dude, you are so late!,” And, I know I am one day late. But, no need to worry. I will be giving the details of  all the prime time games, this upcoming season in the National Football League.

So here is a list of all the prime time games being played on Monday Night Football, and the National Football League network presenting games on Thursday night, and a few games played outside of the normal Thursday Night games. These games will be played in the upcoming 2012 season of the National Football League.

The two teams playing during the season opener are the Dallas Cowboys versus the New York Giants (Reigning Super Bowl Champions), which will be played at New York(actual location is New Jersey), and will be played Wednesday night. It was originally going to be played on Thursday night, however the National Football League decided to move the schedule date back to Wednesday, since the President of the United States of America will be giving a speech on Thursday night. I predict that the Dallas Cowboys will surprise everyone, and beat the freshly Super Bowl Champions New York Giants, and silence the fans in New York.

On Sunday night, the Denver Broncos will be traveling to the Pittsburgh Steelers. It will be an anticipated game, since it will be Peyton Mannings (arguably the best Quarterback to ever play football), debut with his new team the Denver Broncos. I expect Peyton to pull off a victory, and make his former team (Indianapolis Colts)  realize the biggest mistake they made by releasing him.

The Baltimore Ravens will be hosting the Cincinnati Bengals as the first Monday Night Football game being  played in the 2012 season, followed by a double header, where the San Diego “Super” Chargers, travel to the Black Hole of the Oakland Raiders! Both games are divisional games, where I expect the Baltimore Ravens to defend home turf, and have the San Diego Chargers steal a close game in Oakland.

And the game of the week will start a lot sooner in the week then usually. It will be the two historic rival franchises playing each other. none other than the Chicago Bears traveling to play the Green Bay Packers, at the historic cite of Lambeau Field. The Packers are having all the confidence in the world for coming off a 15-1 season, and having beaten the bears for 3 straight years. But, not so fast. The Chicago Bears have finally started to give Jay Cutler the big time receiver he has been begging management to bring him. Where they reunited him with his former teammate in Brandon Marshall (expect a big night from this duo), and bringing in the best back up running back in the league. I expect the Chicago Bears to torch the Green Bay Packers, and just blow them out, in front of a shocked Green Bay Packers team, and fans.

I have only mention less than two weeks of the National Football League schedule, but I will finish the rest of the schedule in a couple of days.

-Mansoor Paghmani

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Hello world!

April 18, 2012




Hello World,

You are probably wondering how you browsed upon this web blog. Well, I’ll tell you. You came across this blog, because of the awesome blog name. Did you forget the blog name already? Let me refresh your mind. The blog name is What Can We Discuss. Yes, that’s the name. It is such an interesting name, because it keeps you asking the same question over, and over again. What can we discuss? I have the perfect topic we can discuss. The topic is…Football! What kind of football? Will I blog about pee wee football, ah no. How about high school? No. Maybe college football? No. Yes, I know. Arena Football….NO. What else but the National Football League. I will be blogging about the National Football League. Why, because it is the most popular sport in the United States of America. How can I make such a claim. Let me backup my statement, with the fact that Monday Night Football was the most watched TV SHOW on network television. The top three shows were in 2011, number one Monday Night Football, followed by American Idol, and in third place Sunday Night Football. Yes, two out of the top three shows were from the result of the National Football League. Clearly, the NFL is beyond interesting.

So now you are asking yourself, “Yeah, the NFL is awesome. But, why should I read this blog, versus bloggers on ESPN, NFL network, and from different prominent sports bloggers?” I have five great reasons to why you need to follow my blog. The number one reason, I have been following the National Football League for over sixteen years. Which indicates that I am a fan of the National Football League. As a fan, you can relate to the blogger. My second reason is that I use to play high school football. Which indicates that I understand the rules of football, and have a background in the sport. The third reason, I am a college student at the University of California San Diego. What does the third reason have to do with anything, nothing at all. I just wanted to mention that I attend the University of California San Diego. My fourth reason is that I live in San Diego, California. Where it is the home of the San Diego Chargers. My fifth reason, whoever loves football should follow this. Why? Because, it will give you a different perspective. You will see a difference between a college students blog, compare to a major corporation run blog. Because, I on one hand have no restrictions. I am able to present the material in raw format. I am not obligated to answer to no one. While bloggers at ESPN are limited to what their employers approve, as well as other larger media outlets. Therefore, with the five reasons I gave, you should follow this blog. And if you really want another reason, remember that the blog name is awesome. What Can We Discuss.


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